Trinity: The Soul, the Mind and the Body


Companies and individuals who arrive in their lives on crossroads are entittled to require the help they need to make and take the most appropriate decisions to their futur goals. Through a particular course, they are provided with further personal and professional growth.  

The four approaches give attention to quandaries, which can be observed with individuals as with companies and which are demonstrated on a personal and professional level.  


This approach gives attention to people and organizations, mostly small organizations who are arrested to one another with incomprehension. This approach is valorised with succes thanks to the acquisition of insight.
         This approach delivers the best results when applied to very competitive individuals and organizations.
         The competitive behavior guarantees the survival of the organization. The individual seems to cope very well
         with stress situations, which provide a well-being.
         This approach is rooted within Managers, CEO's, departments chiefs, teamleaders.
         The higher framequadrant ratifies this approach as a succes story.
         This approach is the most common to individuals and organizations who reflect and perceive that personal
         and professional modifications are required to ensure further growth in the future.









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